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If you want to obtain information on how to find a low cost California car insurance quote, the California Department of Insurance and our free quote finder at the top of the page can help you comparison shop.

While other states around the country have been increasing auto insurance rates in conjunction with the rate of inflation, California has exercised a serious effort to educate its consumers and save them money; this is reflected in the ease of getting a low cost auto insurance quote in CA.

Where To Get A Low Cost California Car Insurance Quote 

There are several websites that allow consumers to look at a list of the most popular insurance companies who claim to have the best rates.  Some use customers and experts like J.D. Power and Associates to establish what is called a “Pluribo” rating to gauge important factors like customer service as well as rate quotes to compare car insurance companies.

This makes it simple for you to get multiple viewpoints on the benefits of each company. According to Proposition 103, a safe driving record, annual mileage, and driving experience, should be the main compensating factors for establishing a low cost California auto insurance quote.

You can also use our free quote comparison tool at the top of the page. Enter your information in just one time and then get online quotes from the top insurance companies in your area of CA.

Other Factors In Your Low Cost California Car Insurance Quote

Proposition 103 was proposed by Ralph Nader in 1988.  There are other premium variations that are considered as well.  When making these calculations, underwriters may consider single omit which incorporates extensive and detailed elements such as:

  • Driving record
  • Vehicle characteristics
  • Use of the vehicle
  • Zip code where the vehicle is kept

This means that yes, where you live is a factor in the rates you will receive; however, the other factors must be considered too.

Average class is a quick assessment that takes no details into consideration like an individual’s driving experience. As a result of Proposition 103, California drivers saw benefits that included:

  • $1.2 billion in refund checks
  •  $23 billion in savings by ‘02
  • Made Insurance Commissioner an elected position
  • Created a forum for consumers to complain about insurance company practices
  • Decreased  the number of uninsured drivers
  • Attracted other insurance companies to the California area

Some resistant insurance companies attributed these results to improved highway safety, enforcement of seatbelt laws, and less uninsured motorists.  Whatever the true cause, the results are good for drivers.

Auto Insurance Coverage Requirements In California

California follows a tort system which varies from state to state.  The California tort system implements what is called the 15/30/5 system. These numbers represent the minimum coverage a policy should carry:

  • $15,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $30,000 per accident for bodily injury
  • $5,000 property liability

CA doesn’t require uninsured or underinsured motorist fees.  There are some states that do.  VA is one who requires uninsured motorist fees if one doesn’t have insurance.  In California the difference in premiums rarely make it past the $100 mark.

How To Find The Lowest Cost California Auto Insurance Quote

The key to getting the best rate is to give as much pertinent information as possible when obtaining a low cost California car insurance quote.  Should you be concerned about giving information to get a quote? On the contrary, you want your quote to be specific and created for your exact needs.

CLCA Provides Lower Cost California Car Insurance For Low Income Drivers

In the past, a one digit difference in a Californian’s zip code could have raised premiums by almost 40%.  This practice made it difficult for the low income person to maintain proper insurance.  It benefited the insurance companies only.  California’s Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner proposed California Low Cost Auto Insurance or popularly known as CLCA for low income drivers in 1999.

CLCA made it possible for people who otherwise would go without auto insurance to have low cost auto insurance.  So, the companies that can offer you a low California car insurance quote will depend on you, the driver.

There are companies that claim to decrease your premium in California by as much as 34%, with higher liability protection; however, some have new offices in India.  One would have to ask themselves if an office in India should be a weighted factor in making a decision.

The most paramount characteristics one should look for when in the market for a low cost California car insurance quote should be premiumcustomer service, and the strength of the company and its ability to pay your claim in the event of an accident. 

Compare Low Cost CA Car Insurance Quotes Now! 

You can get custom made bids from numerous companies for a low cost California car insurance quote. Just zip on up to the free quote tool above and start saving money with a free California car insurance quote comparison right now!

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