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There are some basics you will need to know when seeking a California commercial car insurance quote. The state has a compulsory financial responsibility law that means you must have auto liability insurance at minimum. So getting an accurate quote for your CA commercial auto insurance is a smart move.  That’s because, if your company owns a car, you can not get around purchasing California commercial car insurance, and a quote will help you choose the best provider.

California Commercial Car Insurance Quote Based On Minimums and Needs

According to California state law, the minimum limits of liability insurance that must be carried are $5,000 for property damage for any one accident, $15,000 for death or injury of any one person in any one accident and $30,000 for all persons in any one accident.  This includes business owners who need to purchase commercial car insurance in California.

In order to receive a reliable quote on your California commercial car insurance policy if you are running a home based business, you will need to talk to an insurance agent to be sure your personal California car insurance is adequate.

If you choose not to purchase California commercial car insurance for your business you will find yourself paying out a cash deposit of $35,000 or presenting a $35,000 surety bond to the California DMV.  Where this is an option, it’s not going to protect your business assets if you are sued.

FAQs About California Commercial Car Insurance Quotes 

Below are some frequently asked questions concerning California car insurance quotes:

What is a business vehicle?  

A business vehicle is one that is customarily used in business.  For example, vehicles that a company provides to its employees when they have to travel from work site to work site.  This includes, light pickup trucks, flat rack trucks, walk-in type trucks, vans and some passenger vehicles including vehicles with two and three wheels.

What vehicles are not covered under standard California commercial car insurance?

Vehicles that transport flammable liquids, dump trucks, vehicles that provide bus service, emergency vehicles, antique, collector or late model vehicles, vehicles with cranes, and vehicles over 20,000.  These will need different insurance.

What is liability?

Liability is the largest factor in your policy when it comes to protecting your business and falls into two categories, bodily injury and property damage liability. Bodily damage liability protects you against bodily injuries, wages lost or death of a person involved in the accident.  Property damage liability is meant to cover the cost of damages done caused by your business, property or employees.

Why is it important to have collision and comprehensive insurance? 

These will protect your vehicle for damages done in the event of an accident or if the vehicle is broken into, vandalized or damaged during a disaster.

What if I require my employees to use their own vehicles for company business?

You will still want to consider commercial car insurance to protect them while on company clock.  It will protect you if someone decides to sue the company for damage or injury, and will also prevent the company from paying out if your employees insurance company decides that you should be responsible for any damage done to the employees vehicle while being used for company business.

What can I do to lower my California commercial auto insurance rates for my company?

Raising deductibles brings premiums down.  Just don’t pick a deductible that will put the company in financial straits if it needs to be paid out.  If repairs to company vehicles will cost more than the vehicles are worth, drop the collision coverage.  Also, choosing company cars that don’t cost a lot to repair or older model cars can lower your premiums.

Average California Commercial Auto Insurance Quotes 

These are only average quotes.  Depending on the number of vehicles you have to insure, what they are (make, model, year), the California insurance company you use, how much driving is done on company time, if employees will be using their own vehicles and their driving record, and the type coverage you purchase your costs will probably vary.

  • Auto Liability – $391.24
  • Auto Collision – $ 391.24
  • Comprehensive Auto – $263.64
  • Combined Insurance – $765.20

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