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There are many cheap California auto insurance options. All that is required to find a cheap CA auto insurance plan is to compare personalized quotes from top automobile insurance companies. Many times, finding affordable and low cost CA auto insurance is simply a matter of viewing some up to date rate quotes.

Cheap California car insurance plans are available due to the increasingly competitive CA auto insurance market. Increased competition is always good for the CA resident that is looking to save money on their monthly car insurance expense. Top insurance company’s will compete against each other and drive rates down in the process! Compare free California auto insurance quotes now!

California can be an expensive place to live, but that doesn’t mean car insurance needs to be. With just a little research you can be saving hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars and find very cheap California car insurance. Even following just one of the 7 tips listed below can be enough to provide you with a little extra padding in your wallet.

1) Look for Car Insurance Discounts Offered in California

– Good Driver Discount: Are you a safe driver? Most California auto insurance companies will offer discounts to drivers who don’t have points on their record.

– Safe Vehicle Discount: This discount is made available to owners of cars that feature safety devices like anti-lock brakes, daytime running lights, airbags, and alarm systems, among other things. Check to see if your insurance company offers discounts for these features.

– Good Student Discount: If you or your child is a student and makes straight A’s and B’s you may qualify for good student discount.

– Seniors Discount: Depending on the insurance company you choose in California, many of them will offer adults 55 years and older a discount upon completion of a safe drivers course.

– Low Mileage Discount: If you don’t drive a lot then many insurance companies will often offer you a sizeable discount. Consider cutting down on drive time to save yourself dollars in car insurance.

– Rural Discount: If you live in a less populated area of California then you may qualify for a rural discount.

Occupational Discount: Having an occupation in an engineering or science field may also qualify you for car insurance discounts. Other occupations that can often qualify for a discount in California include certified teachers and the military.

Internet Discount: Many insurance companies offer a discount for signing up for car insurance online.

Auto Club/Professional Organization Membership Discount: Being a member of a club like AAA can also oftentimes offer you great discounts on car insurance.

2) Consolidate Your Policies with One Company

Discounts can be earned through most insurance companies by placing multiple vehicles on one policy. Consider placing family members vehicles on your policy to save money overall.

3) Maintain a Good Credit Score

Insurance companies look at your credit history and assign you an insurance score based on what they find. Those individuals with a good credit score are given cheaper premiums than those who have poor credit history.

4) Buy a Smaller Car

A general rule of thumb is that the more expensive it is to maintain or repair a vehicle, the more expensive the car insurance will be.

5) Get California Car Insurance Quotes

Take the time to research the different California car insurance rates from top companies and you can save hundreds of dollars. Use our free quote finding tool at the top of the page or on our home page to compare free rate quotes from multiple California insurance companies side by side!

6) Attend a Safe Driver Course

These courses will cost a small amount of money but often you will be able to more than make up for that cost with a cheaper CA car ins rate. Courses like defensive driving and traffic school can also lower your premium, especially if you just recently got a ticket.

7) “De-bling” Your Car

Cars that have “flashy” features like custom paint jobs and large rims are considered higher risk cars and are therefore more likely to have higher premiums. Removing extraneous features from your car may make it cheaper to insure.

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Find cheap California car insurance now – use our free quote finding tool to compare quotes from multiple insurance companies side by side – get a free California car insurance quote comparison now!


Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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