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Review Of The Top California Car Insurance Companies

We have scoured the web looking for reviews of the top California car insurance companies to help you decide where to start looking for California car insurance.

We have provided reviews of the top ten car insurance companies based on A.M. Best financial ratings and the opinions of consumers all over the web.  After all, everybody has their own individual car insurance needs (what makes one person happy isn’t necessarily going to make the next one happy), they look for different things in companies and the best advertising is word of mouth.

So when you start to look at car insurance companies in CA, let this review help you judge the top players and then when you are finished reading the review then use our free quote tool to compare quotes from the top companies offering coverage in your area of CA.

Reviews Of The Top California Car Insurance Companies 

These are the top 10 California car insurance companies, in alphabetical order.

  1. 21st Century Insurance Group – A.M.  Best currently has 21st Century Insurance Group under review (meaning their rating with A.M. Best will probably be changing due to various factors in the insurance market) even though they currently have an A+ rating for financial strength.  The two biggest complaints of consumers about 21st Century Insurance Group is they don’t provide any notice before they raise your rates and they don’t have an easy to use website.
  2. Allstate – Allstate is reported as being a very stable company with an A+ rating a rather large financial size of over $2 billion.  Consumers report that they are happy with the service and are willing to pay higher premiums for the good customer service and ease at resolving claims.
  3. Coast National – A smaller insurance company that many outside of California would never have heard of, it is also reported as being stable and about the size of Allstate in terms of financial size and strength.  Customers complain that they have low rates and poor customer service.
  4. Farmers Insurance – Consumers are happy with the price of service they get from Farmers Insurance but are not happy with the way claims are handled claiming the company tries to get out of paying them.  They are a smaller stable company backed by between $10 and $25 million with between a B++ and A+ rating depending on state.  The notes for the division in California don’t tell much except it is a stable company.
  5. GEICO – Known for being insensitive toward cavemen, GEICO is backed by a talking gecko, $2 plus billion, and an A++ rating by A.M. Best.  Consumers are happy with the service and price of car insurance through Geico but complain that they can’t pay their bill on line or over the phone with a credit card.
  6. Infinity – Infinity is another smaller but stable insurance company backed by $250 to $500 million with an A rating from A.M. Best.  Consumers like the low premiums and the friendly customer service but complain that you can never get a hold of anyone in the claims department.
  7. Mercury – Mercury will insure high risk drivers that may be turned down elsewhere and have rates low enough to keep consumers happy but they are unhappy with the response time in resolving claims and the customer service isn’t the best.  According to A.M. Best they are a large stable company with a financial backing between $1.5 and $2 billion with an A+ rating.
  8. Progressive – With all the exposure in advertising Progressive gets, one would expect it to have one of the larger financial backings like Geico and Allstate, not $500 to $750 million.  However the company is stable and the only major complaint from those who use Progressive is that you have to have a separate policy for each vehicle.
  9. State Farm – Given an A++ ranking by A.M. Best State Farm is backed by $2 or more billion.  Their policy holders complain about high rates but are happy with the service gotten and the turn around time on the resolution of claims.
  10. United Service – Where we couldn’t find any customer reports on United Service Insurance and we don’t know if that is good or bad, A.M. Best gives them an A++ rating and shows that they are backed by $2 billion or more making them one of the larger insurance companies.

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