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Amica Auto Insurance Company Of California

Amica Auto Insurance Company was started in 1907 in Rhode Island not long after the “horseless carriage” started to become popular. Wondering if a company designed to insure horseless vehicles is the best insurer for your motorized vehicle? Keep reading for current and background information on the Amica Auto Insurance Company of California. 

Ratings Of The Amica Auto Insurance Company Of California

Amica survived the stock market crash of 1929 and has added additional sub-companies, including Amica Auto Insurance Company of California, to meet the changing insurance needs of the public.

Amica Auto Insurance Company of California provides the full range of insurance coverage for your automobile.  Not only is a very stable company with a backing of more than $2 billion, but for the last 76 years it has received an A++ rating by A.M. Best.

It is also the oldest mutual insurance company in the United States, and it has also been ranked highest in customer satisfaction among national auto insurance companies for the last eight years with J.D. Power and Associates.

For the last five years Amica Auto Insurance Company of California was named to Ward’s 50 Benchmark Group, that recognizes the top 50 performing companies of the United States.

Amica’s claims department is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week because you never know when you are going to need your insurance company.  In emergency situations they can have funds available for you quickly and in the event of natural disaster such as a hurricane they will have a claims adjuster on the scene as quickly as possible.

What Makes Amica Car Insurance Company Of California Special?

Amica Auto Insurance Company of California offers some special features standard with their auto insurance policies that will save you some money that you are not going to find anywhere else without purchasing an additional rider.

  • Amica Auto Insurance Company does not count depreciation value of a car if it is totaled during the first 180 days of ownership.
  • There is no deductible for lock replacement in the event that your car keys are lost or stolen.
  • There is also no deductible for glass replacement or repair if a window or windshield needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • If your air bag deploys there is no deductible for repair or placement.
  • If you have to attend court at Amica’s request because of a claim they will reimburse you in full for any lost wages.
  • Amica will put up $1,000 for bail bonds.

Another thing that makes Amica unique is they offer both a combined single limit and split limit liability coverage.  What does this mean?

It means that you have the ability to customize your auto insurance policy even more.  Remember, this applies to the liability end of things only and not to personal injury protection or damage done to your own vehicle.

  • Combined Single Limit Coverage – This gives you one single amount of insurance coverage to use as you need it.  For example, say you purchase a $300,000 policy and are at fault in an accident.  California minimum insurance laws require that you carry $15,000 in insurance for bodily injury to one person, $30,000 for two or more persons and $5,000 in property liability damage.  Assume that in this accident that the other car is totaled and will cost $36,000 to replace.If you only carry the minimum $5,000 in property damage you are still legally responsible for the other $31,000 to replace the car.  Assume also that medical bills come to another $36,000 because of the number of passengers in the vehicle.  Combined singled limit insurance has everything covered because you get to split the coverage up how you need it.
  • Split Limit Coverage – Split limit coverage designates up front how your policy will be divided up giving you limits on coverage.

Discounts Available With Amica Auto Insurance Company Of California

Most of the following discounts are pretty standard from insurance company to insurance company and they are all offered by Amica Auto Insurance Company of California.

  • Multi-line discount – this is what they call it when you carry both your auto insurance and homeowners insurance policies with the same company.  A larger discount can be had if you also use Amica for your life insurance as well.
  • Lower rates apply when you carry each of your vehicles on the same policy instead of separate polices.
  • Good Student discounts for maintaining a B average or higher.
  • Discounts for defensive driving class.
  • Anti-theft devices and GPS systems make your car eligible for discounts for making them unattractive to car thieves.
  • Airbags lower your personal injury protection portion of your policy.
  • Anti-lock brakes and other safety equipment entitles you to a discount.
  • Student away at college discount.

What Consumers Have To Say About Amica Car Insurance Company Of California

Reviews by consumers online of Amica Auto Insurance Company vary greatly.  Those that are happy with the company are very happy and are willing to pay slightly higher premiums for the quality service.

Those people that are not happy with them are really not happy.  When they screw up, they seem to screw up big.  It’s one extreme or the other.

The real problems with these online consumer ratings is they don’t report what state the consumers are in so you are looking at reviews across the entire United States.  Some things that consumers are reporting that many people will not know about, because they do not mention it on their website, is they are not in a hurry to increase your rates because of a speeding ticket or unavoidable accident that you are partially responsible for, such as bad road conditions.

They probably do this because they only insure good drivers and do not accept those in high risk categories with the exception of those under 25 who were previously covered on their parent’s policy with no problems. 

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